Empty Windy SSN Lane

I try to describe the walk down my windy college lane that leads to the Highway.
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Before that:

Often in our lives, we go through an empty thought tunnel. An occasional moment questions our existence, our beliefs and our abilities.

‘What have I given to the world?’, ‘Why am I still doing something that doesn’t interest me?’ were some of the questions that were running in my mind then. I had convincing answers for a few and silence for the rest. I walked back after having finished my Physics Laboratory exam. All had to be fine.

I started questioning myself again: ‘Why am I feeling empty?’, ‘Isn’t all well?’

Matching these thoughts, I saw something equally enigmatic.

The Snapshot:

I was walking on the right pavement of the empty lane, though it wasn’t the side to walk. Since things weren’t going right for me today, I did not mind that. The wind always blew along the college road as the road looked straight in the direction of the sea. All of a sudden, a wind blew across the road for some reason. The trees on either side of the road swayed to the right. At that instant my vision was blurred by the dust the wind carried with it. I pressed my feet hard in an attempt to stay upright. My shirt, by then, was fluttering in the wind as if metaphorically asking me to shed my inhibitions. I could feel the wind biting my cheeks. A sudden feeling of coldness gripped my body and I slowed down on my path holding my body tight. At a distance, I could partially see a punctured cycle standing alone under a tree. The howl of the rushing wind told me something that I could not understand at all. The wind only lasted for another few seconds. After it had left and my vision restored to its normal, I found myself standing on the middle of the road far from the pavement. The wind had done quite a lot to my mind before it left the road.

My friend called me on the phone and told me he was at the gate, waiting for me and the local bus.

That was the last time I felt empty today. The emptiness had ‘gone with the wind’.

—End of this article—


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