Those little details I’d Otherwise miss

/* This post is a response to this Week’s Daily Challenge: Collecting Details */


I wait with my hands hovering over the keys of my amateur keyboard. I stare at the keyboard display, not knowing what note will complete what I’d started playing. I place my hands on the middle C, a regular in my random compositions. “That didn’t work”, I tell myself. I try it a few more times with a few variations and finally step back and stare at the sound I recorded on my phone, “Useless Junk!”. “I’m done with originality”. I start playing compositions of composers I love, not Mozart and not Bach but, Ilaiyaraja and AR Rahman. The playing goes well, at least to my ears. But some feeling of inadequacy grips my conscience. “Now let me do something original”.

In two minutes, I sit in front of my laptop. The reader shows a post my name ‘Weekly Writing Challenge: Collecting Detail’.

A snapshot of... well..

I scratch my head in confusion trying to comprehend what is written. “What should I do?”. I leave a comment in the post stating my confusion and I get a reply within minutes. Though I’m still unclear, I’d started considering writing on the challenge. I check a few other ‘pingback’ articles. They only make the challenge much more ambiguous.

I decide to write it in my own stupid way.

Before I started typing, my friends had arrived for the ‘group study’ thing for the upcoming semester, half-knowing we’ll only keep talking. The talking goes on for ever and ever till I’ve gone an hour without a single word on the untitled Word document I’d created. We talk about things starting from the evolution of Indian Film music to the Engineering Graphics paper that is haunting these semester holidays of mine. A friend of mine checks a tutorial to play ‘Tum Hi Ho’ on his Guitar.

Check this out if are in the mood for good music:

And finally I complete the article and add two photos to it (To make it less boring for other people).

And that’s how my day ended. Because in India, the time is 1:55 a.m, 4 hours past my usual sleeping time.

Good night!


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