Lazy Me

Everyone has some evil in themselves and two eyes that identify evil in others.

The biggest evil in me and the least favourite quality (quality sounds good in certain contexts. So let me use ‘evil’ instead) is laziness.

I have my Semester exams coming up. Exams always have the quality of arriving even before you blink. I have never had the time to prepare. I had time for the ten poems that don’t even make it to the drafts folder. I had time for the two stories I’m planning to finish before the New Year. Yet, time for studies is something that my mind cannot accommodate or tolerate. I searched for the reason for years and years and finally found the word : ‘Laziness’. That laziness that doesn’t let you get up from your couch on a rainy day. That laziness that lets you postpone your homework for the absolutely useless Television show you have been following.

Laziness comes with friends. Friends called Procrastination, Drowsiness and complacency.

I always knew going back to school without finishing the record work will mean doom. Laziness would whisper, “Take the challenge buddy! Gimme more!”

I always knew not knowing to drive a car will be looked down badly upon. Laziness would yell, “Fool! Pollution! Pollution! What about the next generation? Fool!”

I always knew the degree is the primary qualification for a job in my country. “Think Steve Jobs. Think Bill gates. Think Zuckerberg. You’re a genius”.

You know who said that. Don’t you?

This post is a response to the Daily Prompt of Today


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