‘PS 4’ And ‘The Average Indian’!

A PS4 will cost around Rupees 39,990 in India.

That would have showed you how legendary it is.


Now for the argument, 39990 Rupees can get you:

13000+ HB pencils or

200 GB of additional space + Unlimited Premium themes + VideoPress Upgrade + a personal Domain (WordPress) or

100+ good books or

40+ Bluray movies (100 hours of entertainment) or

2500+ songs of AR Rahman on iTunes (He wouldn’t even have composed 2500 songs, I guess)

3 32GB Nexus tablets or

A good Laptop or

A decent smartphone or

1 Year of Higher secondary education in India.

By the way, it is also equal to half the average per capita income of an Indian.

1 PS4 = 1 Average Indian’s 6 months of toil.

But that money can’t get you an iPhone 5S, sadly. (*winks*)

This doesn’t even include the price paid for the games that cost in the thousands!

Finally, it all ends with the choices people make. 


What do you think?

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