The Angry Maths paper

Ok! I’ve never been excessively angry about anything right from my childh… wait a minute… Oh yes! There’s this one incident!

The year was 2009 (or 2010? Doesn’t matter Anyway):

I received my Maths paper at around the end of that day. Little did I know that it’d be a turning point in my life (Wrong turn indeed).

I had failed. Failed for the first time in my life (in academics). I couldn’t take that then. In India, getting anything below 40% of the total marks is failure. Failure doesn’t end there. ‘Failures’ get to be part of a parent-teacher meeting: one in which the teachers let out their mostly wild imaginations of the student’s activities in class.

I was furious. But about whom? I guess it was about me. I hadn’t studied for the exam. I was angry like never before. I just wanted to kill myself in the most painful way. I had this parent-teacher meet to face. Even before that, I had to inform my parents on this calamity.

Life seemed dull. I shouted at whatever silly things that happened. I cursed my laziness, my friends who always encouraged fun and discouraged studies. Hatred ran in my body.

Yet, after I gathered the guts to tell it to my father, things went well.

Time heals.

I’m a better person now. Failures don’t haunt me the way they once did.

Anger is the enemy of reason. Logic seems stupid through angry eyes.

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Have a Peaceful Day dear friend!


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