12 Meaningful Reasons You Can Give Your Boss For Work Absenteeism:

An image from Wikimedia Commons

  1. I had better things to do
  2. My Doctor once warned me to avoid places that make me feel suicidal
  3. One word: iDRINK
  4. I have a beautiful wife/ I wished to get ‘promoted’ to fatherhood, at least
  5. My mother used to tell me: “Avoid the company of fools”
  6. The previous day was a Sunday. Statement self-explanatory
  7. For a change, I wanted to intentionally do nothing
  8. My baby’s weekly gift money just surpassed my salary and I wanted to celebrate that
  9. My refrigerator failed (even though it works 6 hours less than I do)
  10. My five year old son knows more manners than you do and I wanted to take time to appreciate that
  11. One word: Cricket
  12. I was busy reading a relatively utopian novel called 1984

Other things that didn’t make it to the list:

  • Dog’s birthday
  • Income Tax Raid
  • Bomb/Flood hoax
  • I come to office only for the Air Conditioner. My wife bought one at home yesterday.

I’ve never worked under anyone and this is just an imagination-driven post.

Nevertheless, I’ve been forced to attend college 😦

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Also, you can leave your very own reasons as a comment below.

Good Day! Bye!

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