What colour is your mask?

I’ve been running from the mask for years

Turning never my head, stopping not once

But will I ever outrun the following fears?

Will I stroll in happy lands thence?


I’ve been wishing in the dead of the night

When no warmth is felt, no light seen

That the day will bring bright sunlight

Though reason tells me it isn’t keen


My legs plead to stop this madness

Judgement asks me to do it today

But, chasing me is the mask of sadness

That carries the sins of my yesterday


Courage is in embracing the past

Knowing it can’t be changed a bit,

To halt it from stalking to our last,

To unveil the truth and stand by it


I have stopped, for I will never get rid of the face

Having passed sceneries which hadn’t then mattered

Missing beautiful moments of life running this race

Yet, standing in the same place where I’d started


The mask is chasing everyone, isn’t it?


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