2 Sentence Horror Stories – #1 – #13

2 minutes into a Skype call on my PC from an unknown caller, I realized I’d switched off the speakers long ago. I never had a mic.

I’m pregnant. I’m a 15 year old orphan living all alone in my late boyfriend’s mansion for over a year.

I hear my friend calling me out in a horrified tone from outside the gate and it’s midnight. I’ve been talking to the same friend since twilight in my room.

The dead guy in my room hates people shouting on seeing his face. Had I informed this to my girlfriend, she would’ve been alive today.

I should’ve taken my wife’s advice and sold our lake-view mansion. We wouldn’t have been living inside the present owner’s daughter now.

“I’m reading this too. From behind you”

Ironically I liked the housemaid’s smile as she was sweeping the floor today. Ironical because I buried her alive for the hatred of it yesterday.

“I met my ‘soul-mate’ a year ago on this date. We’ve been living happily since then in your wardrobe”

My little sister would start giggling whenever she saw me. She screams on seeing me nowadays just because I’m dead.

“Hey you! Do you think you are sitting on something other than my rotting lap?”

“If you’re reading this, you ought to wake up immediately. The zombies, when near your bed, trigger horror dreams.”

“Thank you for reading this far and allowing me to enter your house through the internet. Would you be kind enough to turn around and say hi?”

[ Inspiration: I was severely inspired (or horrified) reading 20 2 Sentence stories on a website (link) ]


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