Rain, Tree, Memory

The sky dimmed on a summer day,
A gloomy ambience holding the place.
A dark green tree for an umbrella,
And memories… just memories for company.
It was all fine, even with no sunshine,
Till it started to rain,
When I needed a soul near me,
With the longing for a cup of tea.
A lightning brought memories,
Till its thunder landed aloud.
It was all fine, with little sunshine,
Till life felt plain.
I needed a lap to lay,
And a dry place to stay.
The rain went away with my memories,
Leaving droplets to fall from leaves*.
I stood there till I dried
From what little wet I was.
Finally, the two of us stood alone,
Together, I and the green tree**.


Stolen Imageries:

* – Origin: “Mazhai nindra pinnalum, ilai sinthum thuli azhagu”, written by ‘Vairamuthu’ for the song  ‘Kannukku Mai Azhagu’ featured in the movie ‘Pudhiya Mugham’ (1993) and “Mazhai nindru ponal enna maram thoovuthey”, written by Na. Muthukumar for the song “Aariro” featured in the movie ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ (2011)

**- Origin: ‘The Stone’ by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson.

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