Exam hall

White is mournful,
Being the color of answer sheets.
White is holy,
So I choose not to ink on it.

The ceiling fans play tunes,
The guy to the right hears it not.
The invigilator smiles to herself,
The girl on the left knows not.

In pin drop silence,
Pens run aloud on paper.
In a clutter free hall,
My mind is the dustbin.

‘The ingredients of dinner…’
‘The punchline of the hero…’
The additional sheets exist
Only to disturb my thoughts.

Quantization: Is devastation…
Fertilization: Is on declination…
Between trees and binary trees
I gladly choose the former.

I’ve false honor to protect,
Filling sheets with regret.
Before the clock hits ten*,
I know the world has won.

Returning the additional sheets
And the unused thread,
I step out with dread,
Alone and defeated.


*That wasn’t just for the rhyme scheme, my Unit Tests start at 8 and end near 10.


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