I’m on Tumblr.

( Note: If you are shown this post while searching Poem/Poetry/Dyslexia tags, scroll down this post, you’ll find them there 🙂 )

More often than not, the posts I write go to the Trash folder and then get deleted thence. It was primarily because I found them to be rough, unfinished and less interesting. A lot of my poems and stories live and die as Word Documents on my OneDrive. Wordpress often pushed me to post things only when I thought it was the best I could have done with the idea in my mind (Though you wouldn’t agree that they were, by any means, ‘best’).

Then comes the question:

Why so serious?

‘Why so serious’ about blogging? 

Days back, I found a way to put all those seemingly useless things that I’d written to use.


Tumblr is cool in the sense that it is designed to be visual, short and kind of simple.

‘WordPress is super cool. WordPress is a bar higher than the rest.’

That’s why I’ve started a Tumblr blog to post

  • things that spontaneously come to my mind
  • things that are not very seriously written
  • photographs that are not professional quality
  • things that are small (in terms of words and worth)

I’ve named it: roughpaper-blog and I think it kinda suits what I post there.

If you are already there, send me a hi! or leave me a link below. If you haven’t been there yet, give it a look.

More importantly, if you’ve got things like ‘Tips to survive on Tumblr’ or something like ‘Tumblr: Traffic, Content, Utilities’ on your mind, please enlighten me.


Ok wait… Let me show you samples of what I’ve posted there:

1.  The Chestnut Tree by the Lake

Standing by the Chestnut Tree, I’m reminded of you

Walking in the grass with me in dim morning dew;

For, we’d spend the good part of the weekend day

Talking and gazing at the lovely Lake view.


We brought our kids here for the summer

And in every blood freezing cold Decem’er

To show them even the good things change

And life is but a strand of time’s gossamer


How I miss you in these old days

When eyes can’t tell tears from haze;

I had you a year ago in this same date

But then, time showed me her other ways


I have this urge to come to you

If not for our grandkids that I’d do

The way her toothless mouth laughs

Sounding words that we once knew


Time grows by to heal the heart

The happy-living is but our part

Love doesn’t end with one’s departure

Whether we acknowledge it… or not


2. Dyslexic Dreamer

Note: A tribute to everyone who’s struggling with the world!


“Friends! I have a story to write

A story of witches and fair land”

“Slow, dumb girl, that’s alright,

But your writing will only be bland”


“Mam! I’d like to be part of your play

Dance I would, dub if I could and also cry”

“Failing, weak girl maybe another day

You can’t remember names, that’s why”


“Brother! I am pretty good with colours

I’ll paint you now just stay very still”

“Dear, little sister you’re whiling hours

When will you know to read a little?”


“Dad! I can shoot from a mile in the dark

When even the big owls cannot see light”

“Useless girl, what about your subjects’ mark

Will I ever see your teachers smiling bright?”


“Mummy! Mummy! Why can’t I do anything?

Why can’t I read, remember, write or study?”

“Hear no words of the world it’ll do you nothing

Close your ears and follow your dreams steady


Chase your love and learn to put in your heart

Learn to draw, sing, and shoot for the gold”

“Yes Mummy! Yes I would! Learn all that is of art

But I wish you had not left, when I was only a day old!”


Good Bye!


20 Days on WordPress: Lessons in Blogging

Today marks my 20th Day on


WordPress has been a journey, a revelation and a companion.

What was I doing before I came to WordPress?

I was on Blogger .

Blogger wasn’t a bad platform at all but, it lacked easy content discovery. I had to manually post links of posts on my Facebook and twitter profiles and keep waiting for responses (which did not turn up). Blogger was also pretty bad at Stats. My blog has 1550 lifetime views when not more than 50 people have visited it (going by Google Analytics). It didn’t have a prominent tagging system. I had friends who were on WordPress who told me how good it was.

That was how and why I made the switch.

A New Beginning.

The very first Post I wrote garnered two likes and was reblogged. That may sound silly to you but, it made my day. That was when I started discovering the reach and ease of WordPress.


20 Days on WordPress have taught me a few WordPress specific things:

  • The best way to get people to see your blog is to write on Dailypost topics (Don’t forget to pingback and tag)
  • 2 likes is the lowest you can get. (Anything below that means a lack of good content or bad tagging)
  • People follow you mainly because of the tags you wrote on (and not always because of the content)
  • Pictures speak a thousand words PERIOD (Google Advanced Image search can come in handy in addition to Flickr and others)
  • WPChallenge offers a 1 by 100 chance of success in getting Freshly Pressed. (While a general post has a chance close to 1 by 1,000,000)
  • There are sites on WordPress where you can publish your posts to a larger and like-minded audience (Like poetreecreations.org for poetry)
  • Humor and Inconventional (which is the unconventional term for ‘unconventional’) writing will be appreciated and Freshly Pressed.
  • Anything more than a thousand and five hundred words will not be fully read (or read at all)
  • The theme need not be spectacular. (It just shouldn’t annoy the reader)
  • A reader is a guest. (A comment needs a reply. A suggestion needs a nod. Criticism needs acceptance)
  • If not for Akismet, each blog post will receive an average of 10 comments daily (Spam comments, I forgot to mention)

You can take all this as advice or just as facts a fellow blogger discovered.

Don’t you want to read:

Thanks for reading (You are my guest! 😀 )

Good luck!

Happy Blogging!