இந்த மான்

An old melody long unvisited
Evokes dream-like memories
And gentle, life-like fantasies
Bringing strangers together.

Two unmakeoutable souls make love
In the blanket of freezing darkness
The old melody and their low murmur
Waking the birds perched in slumber.

The birds fly to their love nests
Chirping duets with the two below
Rubbing onto each their warmth
Waking the trees frozen for years.

The trees sway in creaky unison
Freed from the clutch of cold air
And soon the forest is moving
As gods rain paranoid glances.

The sun rises to catch glimpse
Of life in this unlikely corner
That it had long stopped visiting
All by the spell of that old melody.

The old melody:


The night that matters

You glide our boat up the mystic river.
The stream that sang all day eerily quiet.
Trees that glittered in the sun, dark shapes.
Stroke by stroke, our boat ascends skyward.

You are my only warmth in the cold
And deep darkness cloaking our boat,
As I sit in the way of scattered starlight
From touching with its frozen fingers.

The wind couldn’t be more conducive of thought
The breeze that gives gentle digressions to our journey
A wayward traveller in want of company
But the boat can only carry you – and you carry me.

The darkness grows, stroke by stroke,
Encompassing all of its touring boats.
Nothing seems to evade its call –
Not even the glow of your eyes.

If anyone dare call this the end
So be it, I say.
If this indeed is one
I’ll wake up to a new tomorrow.

I’m on Tumblr.

( Note: If you are shown this post while searching Poem/Poetry/Dyslexia tags, scroll down this post, you’ll find them there 🙂 )

More often than not, the posts I write go to the Trash folder and then get deleted thence. It was primarily because I found them to be rough, unfinished and less interesting. A lot of my poems and stories live and die as Word Documents on my OneDrive. Wordpress often pushed me to post things only when I thought it was the best I could have done with the idea in my mind (Though you wouldn’t agree that they were, by any means, ‘best’).

Then comes the question:

Why so serious?

‘Why so serious’ about blogging? 

Days back, I found a way to put all those seemingly useless things that I’d written to use.


Tumblr is cool in the sense that it is designed to be visual, short and kind of simple.

‘WordPress is super cool. WordPress is a bar higher than the rest.’

That’s why I’ve started a Tumblr blog to post

  • things that spontaneously come to my mind
  • things that are not very seriously written
  • photographs that are not professional quality
  • things that are small (in terms of words and worth)

I’ve named it: roughpaper-blog and I think it kinda suits what I post there.

If you are already there, send me a hi! or leave me a link below. If you haven’t been there yet, give it a look.

More importantly, if you’ve got things like ‘Tips to survive on Tumblr’ or something like ‘Tumblr: Traffic, Content, Utilities’ on your mind, please enlighten me.


Ok wait… Let me show you samples of what I’ve posted there:

1.  The Chestnut Tree by the Lake

Standing by the Chestnut Tree, I’m reminded of you

Walking in the grass with me in dim morning dew;

For, we’d spend the good part of the weekend day

Talking and gazing at the lovely Lake view.


We brought our kids here for the summer

And in every blood freezing cold Decem’er

To show them even the good things change

And life is but a strand of time’s gossamer


How I miss you in these old days

When eyes can’t tell tears from haze;

I had you a year ago in this same date

But then, time showed me her other ways


I have this urge to come to you

If not for our grandkids that I’d do

The way her toothless mouth laughs

Sounding words that we once knew


Time grows by to heal the heart

The happy-living is but our part

Love doesn’t end with one’s departure

Whether we acknowledge it… or not


2. Dyslexic Dreamer

Note: A tribute to everyone who’s struggling with the world!


“Friends! I have a story to write

A story of witches and fair land”

“Slow, dumb girl, that’s alright,

But your writing will only be bland”


“Mam! I’d like to be part of your play

Dance I would, dub if I could and also cry”

“Failing, weak girl maybe another day

You can’t remember names, that’s why”


“Brother! I am pretty good with colours

I’ll paint you now just stay very still”

“Dear, little sister you’re whiling hours

When will you know to read a little?”


“Dad! I can shoot from a mile in the dark

When even the big owls cannot see light”

“Useless girl, what about your subjects’ mark

Will I ever see your teachers smiling bright?”


“Mummy! Mummy! Why can’t I do anything?

Why can’t I read, remember, write or study?”

“Hear no words of the world it’ll do you nothing

Close your ears and follow your dreams steady


Chase your love and learn to put in your heart

Learn to draw, sing, and shoot for the gold”

“Yes Mummy! Yes I would! Learn all that is of art

But I wish you had not left, when I was only a day old!”


Good Bye!

Love’s Lounge – Poem (Complete)

The Protagonist by the Sea

The Protagonist by the Sea


I wanted to write a fast, non-literary, pleasant poem and you’ll find that effort below.

Please take a moment of your time to tell me if I have succeeded in it (or tell me where all I have failed):

The Poem:

A million girls have crossed my eye

Beautiful, vibrant, normal and polite

But I didn’t let you pass, know why?

The endorphins kicked up in delight

To witness the moment of my life

Muting even the sound of thought

I stared at you, wishing, you’d be my wife

Skipping beats as if it were worth not

Knowing it would need all the luck

To survive that heart freezing smile

 My watch decided to stand still without a tick

To remind me of that instant all the future while

The roses haven’t reached your hand

The three words haven’t yet been spelt

For the lack of a Disney dream land

And partly for fears I never before dealt

If you happen to smile back at me

Won’t I wake up at midnight, again?

Or if the worse were assumed to be,

Will I ever sleep again with that pain?

Hope one day I’ll see the end of this

However far, whatever I take for it

The emotion of loss or eternal bliss

That comes with my love that’s too legit

The flowers are in my trembling hand

While the ring sits silently in the pocket

It has come to this day on beach sand

Populated only by boys who play cricket

I might need to be poetic, but I’m no Keats

Also, the watch won’t start until you arrive

Just as my heart compensates with its beats

Seeing you, I check if I’m anywhere near alive

The dawn of the loveliest future

Seems for once mine and then lost,

The smell of yours, reminds me of nature

And the pictures of a truly beautiful past

“The face that has been my sunrise,

The presence that has been my cure,

The voice that never fails to entice,

The eyes that were made to allure

Have been haunting me every single-day

For a time that seems just like a second

When it has been a year without a holiday

Spent searching for places for our weekend

I’m afraid I can’t hold this distance

For fear of missing something divine”

Then, without the slightest resistance,

I took her kiss, knowing she’s… just mine!

An ending as abrupt as love!