Love’s Lounge – Poem (Complete)

The Protagonist by the Sea

The Protagonist by the Sea


I wanted to write a fast, non-literary, pleasant poem and you’ll find that effort below.

Please take a moment of your time to tell me if I have succeeded in it (or tell me where all I have failed):

The Poem:

A million girls have crossed my eye

Beautiful, vibrant, normal and polite

But I didn’t let you pass, know why?

The endorphins kicked up in delight

To witness the moment of my life

Muting even the sound of thought

I stared at you, wishing, you’d be my wife

Skipping beats as if it were worth not

Knowing it would need all the luck

To survive that heart freezing smile

 My watch decided to stand still without a tick

To remind me of that instant all the future while

The roses haven’t reached your hand

The three words haven’t yet been spelt

For the lack of a Disney dream land

And partly for fears I never before dealt

If you happen to smile back at me

Won’t I wake up at midnight, again?

Or if the worse were assumed to be,

Will I ever sleep again with that pain?

Hope one day I’ll see the end of this

However far, whatever I take for it

The emotion of loss or eternal bliss

That comes with my love that’s too legit

The flowers are in my trembling hand

While the ring sits silently in the pocket

It has come to this day on beach sand

Populated only by boys who play cricket

I might need to be poetic, but I’m no Keats

Also, the watch won’t start until you arrive

Just as my heart compensates with its beats

Seeing you, I check if I’m anywhere near alive

The dawn of the loveliest future

Seems for once mine and then lost,

The smell of yours, reminds me of nature

And the pictures of a truly beautiful past

“The face that has been my sunrise,

The presence that has been my cure,

The voice that never fails to entice,

The eyes that were made to allure

Have been haunting me every single-day

For a time that seems just like a second

When it has been a year without a holiday

Spent searching for places for our weekend

I’m afraid I can’t hold this distance

For fear of missing something divine”

Then, without the slightest resistance,

I took her kiss, knowing she’s… just mine!

An ending as abrupt as love!

Romancing her and the night

I see nothing but your glowing face,

Across our decorated dinner table,

Under a moonless starlit sky,

In the backyard of our ancient house.


In that pitch darkness,

Comes a star falling,

As if to see you, celestial,

Dining with a mortal.


The rain comes down

To give us a fleeting visit,

Bringing with it the smell

Of wet mud and wet hair.


The wind whispers the most

Private of secrets from your heart

Secrets I already know

And secrets you’d want me to.


As you tuck your hair behind your ears,

Your eyes call out to me silently

While the farm horse surrenders to sleep,

I blow the last candle off.